Alpro, one of the foremost global brands focusing on plant-based foods and drinks, has launched a new global campaign to champion the sustainable, and delicious, benefits of switching to plant-based eating.

The campaign, Eat your way to a better planet, created in collaboration with VMLY&R, shines a spotlight on how switching to Alpro’s plant-based foods, whether you become a plant-based barista with your morning coffee or switch up your afternoon cuppa, is a great way for consumers to help save the planet’s resources. The campaign demonstrates how each of us can join the movement by making the simple change and reinforces Alpro’s mission to source, produce and distribute in a sustainable way.

The hero spot, Glug Glug Yum, humourously celebrates tried and tested, and sometimes testing, methods of trying to live more sustainably, such as riding a bike instead of driving, wearing multiple jumpers rather than turning on the heating, or attaching solar panels to your roof.

Alpro – Glug Glug Yum

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However, the voiceover explains, in addition to these great ways for people to do their bit, there is another easy and delicious way to help: simply switching to Alpro plant-based food and drink so that you can “Eat your way to a better planet”.

The campaign follows on from Alpro’s recent announcement of its new five-year Health and Sustainability Pledge, titled ‘Feeding the Future With Plants’, which outlines its commitment to changing the way the world eats for the better. It has never been more important to highlight the simple changes people can make in their daily lives to help our planet, and with more than 40 years’ experience, Alpro are plant-based pioneers, sitting at the forefront of the plant-based revolution.

Recent studies show that current food production and consumption systems contribute to up to 29% of manmade greenhouse gases worldwide, while also suggesting that eating a plant-rich diet would be the single most effective emissions reduction strategy. This makes plant-based eating one of the simplest and most impactful things we can do as individuals to help tackle climate change.

Adam Noel, Creative Partner at VMLY&R said: “Alpro is a brand that goes the extra mile for the planet. They’re genuine problem solvers that are often three steps ahead of the loud competition that tend to prioritise their image over innovation. We want the world to know more about this humble giant Alpro, its 100+ products, its responsible sources, its people, its sense of humour. “Eat yourself a better planet” is a great step to shedding more light on Alpro’s healthy, planet-friendly, yummy amazingness.”

Produced during lockdown, the spot was directed by Sam Hibbard at Somesuch.

The campaign launches online in the UK before rolling out to other channels and markets. Following the launch, there will be a further rollout of supporting assets including VOD, social amplifications, radio, experiential and instore activations and large-scale OOH in high impact areas.