I take inspiration from the process. How things build and come together, how they disassemble, and how those pieces can be arranged. 

It makes even the most complex things feel tangible and the simplest things feel immersive. In the end, it's all about what conjures emotion for me.

Griffith Park

This is my reboot point. Whenever I feel uninspired, overwhelmed, or even simply happy, getting to a high point and overlooking the city lets me tap into something. It could be the grid lines or the idea of being one piece among all the other pieces in this city, but really I think it’s the view that grounds me.

80's music

New Edition, Hall & Oats, Blondie. All of it just really holds a vibe of "emote."  Every song, even if the words aren’t really about anything, or the singer wasn't the best in the world, these are pure emotion. Big Country's "In a Big Country'' is about traveling to a new country (and although they say country maybe 12 times) this simple song feels so expansive. Like you can conquer anything.


Okay, so this film really tickled my brain and heart due to the world-building aspect it held.  Layers upon layers of visual and mental wrapped around logic are what make it feel like a truly great cinematic adventure and elevated what I thought a movie could be. Now I'm just your average movie-goer, but I can process information with the best of them. So although I've only seen Inception once, I still remember the visceral engagement and joy it brought to my viewing experience. All the tiny cogs moving to create this world? Pure Imagination.

Ha Long Bay

There are moments when you stop and just can't believe this life is real. Ha Long Bay provided one of those moments for me. Traveling solo, or sharing a boat and eating family dinners with a group of strangers is not my usual MO, but sometimes you get a calling and you go. People talk about the wonders of the world all the time and you think nothing of it, but to be in the presence of a place like this really made me feel so tiny amongst the vastness of Earth. It granted some perspective and surprisingly calmed so much inside myself. In a nutshell, it reminded me that there are always going to be things that are out of our control but that's okay. Control your controllables and then just exist.

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