Joining Dogs Can Fly is VOKOS, a film director and visual artist who brings in each project a keen multidisciplinary eye, combining different techniques of communication to craft extraordinary works.

Graphic designer, illustrator and film director, VOKOS uses several expression forms in the art universe, specialising in cinema to tell stories and involve ourselves in sophisticated visual experiences that impact and thrill. He has had projects awarded at renowned festivals, such as El Ojo de Iberoamérica, London Film Festival, NY Film Festival in addition to winning two Cannes Lions. 

VOKOS has showed in art galleries across the world, like his exhibit Dirty Land, that brings a bold reflection about the creative world of Walt Disney.

 “VOKOS is already at work on a first project at Dogs Can Fly and we can see his commitment and deepness in each detail of the process. He brings artistic breadth in everything he does, besides being a mature and demanding artist” says Ricardo Whately, Managing Partner.

 “Dogs Can Fly has been building his own talent team and presence in the market consistently in the past three years, delivering good projects to brands like Samsung, Apple, P&G, Ford and Nestlé, always captivating good partnerships with the agencies.

The moment is to balance solution and artistic craft, and a director with as many layers as VOKOS needs to participate in our moment ” says Thiago Balma, Executive Producer.