Using the idea of a ‘welcome to advertising kit’ the print ads (one aimed at women and one aimed at men ) twist the concept of gifts that new recruits to the industry might receive from HR. 

On first look, the bags look like a fun, harmless welcome package. However, on a closer inspection, the gifts come with bitter subtext. 

The women’s collection features items such as: an evidence bag for collecting DNA after a sexual assault;  a dictaphone: to record abuse, threats and gaslighting incidents and antidepressants to help women cope with anxiety. 

The bag aimed at men includes: a megaphone, to call out misogyny when you see it; a copy of the Sexual Offences Act 2003; a timer, to help stop men from dominating airtime in meetings and a non-sexist joke book. 

Each ad also signposts organisations that can offer help and support, such as the Equality Advisory Support Service and Rape Crisis.