Things are not what they used to be, and that includes Homespun Yarns.

This year is not really panning out how any of us imagined, so we’ve reimagined our short film competition to be in honour of all our films so far, with the launch of G.O.A.T.

Homespun Yarns invites everyone to celebrate six years of their competition by voting for the greatest Yarns of all time. The 22 films in their back catalogue have been split into four categories, documentary, comedy, fantasy and drama. The categories will be released weekly for voting, we are looking for a winner in each category as well as an overall winner who will be crowned ‘G.O.A.T’, ‘greatest of all time’.

Set up in 2014, the entirely not-for-profit initiative was conceived and funded by edit house Stitch. It has consistently identified the next wave of directing talent and given 22 finalists a unique platform to turn their treatments into fully formed short films.

Stitch owner, Tim Hardy explains why they’re searching for the Yarns GOAT. “When we realised that Homespun Yarns wouldn’t be possible this year we were thinking of how we could keep the initiative going in a pandemic safe way. We liked the idea of a retrospective as an interesting way to celebrate the achievements of everyone who has been involved in the films since we started. From this we came up with G.O.A.T., the perfect way to keep the competition element alive as well as the initiative itself.”

An unrivalled platform for unsigned, recently signed or aspiring directors from all backgrounds, Yarns has support from the industry’s finest talent who collaborate with, and help the filmmakers with their time, expertise and sponsorship.

Kodak, The Panavision Group, Wave Music, Universal Music, Globe, Decca Records, Slingshot, Nineteen Twenty, Freefolkand Big Buoy have all been crucial in the success of the competition as well as the individual films.

Stitch owner, Leo King, outlines the importance of these connections. “We are incredibly lucky to have the very best in the business on board with Yarns. Our partners are all involved from the pre-production stages to advise our directors and guide them through their areas of excellence. This has also allowed everyone involved to to establish contacts at the beginning of their careers that they have been able to build on for their future filmmaking.”

All the films are online at and voting will be open until July 3rd. The winner of each category will be announced and out of those four winners, the one with the most votes will be the G.O.A.T.