What is Cannes? For most, it's a mix of interesting people and amazingly creative work washed down with some decent food and a couple of drinks. 

That being the case, then you'd be wise to make space on Friday June 23 for the annual straight 8 Shootout screening which, this year, is partnering with shots for a pre-screening breakfast and a rejuvenating, morning-after-the-night-before shot of Bloody Mary. 

straight 8 is the most fun thing you can go to in Cannes.

Breakfast will be served from 10am at Niva Cafe, next to Cinema Les Arcades, 77 rue Felix Faure, which is a three minute walk from the Palais, with the screening beginning promptly at 11am. Once inside, you'll be in attendance with the brave companies that have entered the Shootout as they, along with everyone else, see their two-and-a-half minute short films for the very first time.

Get tickets to the straight 8 Shootout 2023 in Cannes here.

Each of the films is made on just one roll of super 8, with no editing and no post-production and, with fingers crossed, the sound properly synched up. The event also includes some speed judging and the prize-giving ceremony

Above: The strishgt 8 Shootout screening is where the entrant companies will see their film - along with the rest of the audience - for the first time.

“We’re as excited as ever to unveil more never-seen short films made by the international industry," said Ed Sayers, filmmaker and straight 8 Founder. "And kicking it off with a shots breakfast, including optional Bloody Mary shots, following their legendary party the night before, should make it go with even more of a bang! Can’t wait!”

“straight 8 is the most fun thing you can go to in Cannes," added Steve Davies, CEO of the APA in London. "I love the drama of watching with the filmmakers who are seeing the films themselves for the first time; you will see some two-and-a-half minutes of genius, a two-and-a-half minute film you can’t quite see, and probably one boring one - but it is only two-and-a-half minutes of boredom before the next one hits the screen! Come along.”

We’re as excited as ever to unveil more never-seen short films made by the international industry.

If you want to get a feel for what straight 8 is, or you just want to see the type of fantastic filmic wonder you can expect in Cannes, you could also come along to the straight 8 Originals screening at London's BFI which will include a special showcase of straight 8 work from past participants including Edgar Wright and Alice Lowe, along with the added bonus of Wright, Asif Kapadia and Mark Jenkin taking to the stage for a conversation about the format and straight 8, as it goes into its 25th year.

Get tickets to the straight 8 Originals at the BFI here.

Above: Scenes outside the Niva Cafe in Cannes where the previous pre-straight 8 screening breakfast took place.

If you are somewhat incapacitated in Cannes on the Friday morning (the shots Beach Party can have that effect) then fear not, because straight 8 has also partnered with the APA for a post-Cannes special screening of the Shootout 2023 films. This will take place at The Prince Charles Cinema on June 29, starting at 6pm. 

Get tickets to the straight 8 London Premiere here.