Jenn Harris – She’s Clean

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It’s deservedly cleaned up on the festival circuit, and now you can witness the talented filmmaker Jenn Harris lay bare the realities of intimacy in her bittersweet masterpiece She’s Clean

Awash with nudity and drily witty, the film is shot in one location – our protagonist’s bathroom – where a woman tries to marry her desires for sexual freedom with emotional connection by showering with all of her dates. 

The film is an achingly personal story of a woman who chooses to share her most personal space with a parade of 11 lovers, exposing herself to a variety of reactions. 

Harris who wrote and directed the film commented: “I wanted to explore intimacy, intimate relations and sex on film in a way that I hadn’t seen captured before, with a female character in her sexual prime engaging in intimacy and sex without commenting on it, excusing it, or making fun of it. Intimacy is deeply nuanced and I feel most filmmaking has been afraid of that nuance so they resort to exploitation or silliness.”