Director Alessandro de Leo has a unique ability to blend comedy with a surreal, dream-like quality which continues to captivate audiences worldwide and has established him as a true master of his craft. He brings a unique directorial flair to Birth’s already exemplary roster of talent.

de Leo has already shot his first campaign with Birth USA, Travel Math, for Alaska Airlines. These spots exemplify his comedic timing and cinematic trademark. 

At the heart of de Leo’s work lies his unparalleled ability to combine comedy with striking imagery that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. Through visual  contrasts and evocative storytelling, he paints a world that is both relatable and altered.

“Alessandro is an unstoppable force, he is as professional and fun to work with as his work would suggest. A virtuoso of comedy! We shot a project almost as soon as he joined and the dreams we had for our collaboration excelled all expectations.” said Hugo Legrand Nathan, CCO at Birth.

“I joined Birth because we share the same vision, I feel the same urgency to grow and to create something new. We have the same energy, the desire to have fun doing what we love the most! Our first project together for Alaska Airlines was exactly what I’m talking about, a cool project with great people. The vibes during the whole process were simply perfect, and that’s the most important thing to me!” adds Alessandro de Leo.

de Leo collaborates with renowned brands such as Yoox, Fiat, Decathlon, MSGM, Tiscali, KFC, Fonzies, and many more… Birth eagerly anticipate embarking on new creative journeys together, bringing de Leo's iconic humour and visionary storytelling to life in bold and exciting ways.