Commercial production company REVERSE welcomes Agos Bruera to its roster.

Bruera’s filmmaking style is characterised by a bold, stylish, and pop-infused aesthetic, exemplified in her work for global brands such as Bumble, TRESemmé, Nestlé, Gillette, and Cabify. Guided by the belief that great stories unfold swiftly, she infuses her camera moves with quick, confident, and dynamic energy, all complemented by vivid, saturated colours. 

“Cosmopolitan, always experimenting, and ever on the pulse of what’s cool, Agos brings a refreshing perspective to our roster as both an artist and a woman,” says Thibaut Estellon, REVERSE Founder and Executive Producer. “Her visually stunning and emotionally raw aesthetic is captivating. You can see it in everything she creates, whether it’s a TV commercial or her Instagram stories. Agos is also hungry, always pushing herself to achieve more, which motivates us even more to break her into the US market and show agencies and brands what she can do, whether in the General or Hispanic markets.” 

“It’s a true honour to join an international roster of REVERSE’s caliber,” adds Bruera. “I am excited to continue developing my filmmaking skills and exploring new creative opportunities with the company. From the outset, I could tell that REVERSE values culture and people, and Thibaut’s enthusiasm for my vision as a filmmaker and where I want to take it next has been nothing short of inspiring. Although I have learned from the best and worked hard to get here, in many ways, it feels like the journey has only just begun.”

Originally from Buenos Aires, Bruera developed her directing style assisting top commercial directors from around the world including fellow Argentinian directors Juan Cabral and Andy Fogwill. Her debut commercial for Sedal, Unilever’s Latin American shampoo brand, featured Latin American superstar Lali Espósito. 

Bruera went on to direct spots and branded content across the Latin American market, while honing her visually dynamic filmmaking style influenced by visionaries like Kim Gehrig, Crystal Moselle, CANADA, Daniel Sandwald, and BRTHR. Her sensibilities for celebrity work continued at Stink Films Mexico, where she directed a campaign featuring Formula One driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez. Her short film for the first-ever digital edition of Buenos Aires' Fashion Week was also featured in Vogue Italy. 

Bruera currently resides in Mexico City, a production hotbed for talent and commercial shoots  alike in recent years. Embedding herself in the city’s vibrant creative scene, Bruera has since built up a trusted network of DPs, editors, and colorists she frequently works alongside. She brings precision to every aspect of the filmmaking process, from lens selection and motion control experimentation to casting and wardrobe – all while empowering her department heads to contribute their best ideas.

Her international appeal expanded with a Latin American market spot for dating app Bumble, which was so well-received that it aired in markets worldwide. She repeated this success in the Spanish market with her recent eye-catching series for the La Once Rasca Link lottery.

Prior to full-time directing, Brueras ran Estudio Famas, a women-focused creative studio specializing in design, branding, and content. 

Outside of directing, Bruera finds inspiration in activities from yoga to punk-rock drumming to touring as a live VJ to designing capsule clothing collaborations. She also enjoys digital painting: “Nothing commercial,” Bruera jokes.