Joining RadicalMedia is Kevin Morosky, a highly accomplished multi-disciplinary creative, film auteur, and author with a remarkable track record in the world of filmmaking and creativity. 

His notable achievements include the award-winning short film Bruce, which aired on Channel 4 in 2021 and was featured at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2022. Another one of his shorts, Spun, earned the Best Short award at the Bolton Film Festival in the same year.

In collaboration with his creative partner, Tom, Morosky produced the film Gently as part of the Disney Imagine 2023 Programme. This film was selected for the Official Selection at the prestigious BFI London Film Festival.

Morosky is currently immersed in various projects, including work for BBC, three upcoming films, and a TV show.

His extensive list of clients and brands showcases the breadth of his influence, with associations including Oxfam, Nike, Netflix, Disney, Google, V&A, Adidas, YouTube Music, and many others.

Kevin Morosky is also recognised for his role as the co-founder of POCC (People of Culture Collective), alongside Nana Bempah. POCC is an organisation dedicated to transformation and change through creativity, activism, and non-traditional means. The establishment of the not-for-profit arm, 2POCC, in 2022 further underscores their commitment to supporting community-led initiatives, campaigns, events, scholarships, film club screenings, and member activities, with a specific focus on enhancing the experiences of creative professionals from the African, Caribbean, and Asian diasporas.

Adding to his diverse portfolio, Morosky is set to release a new book titled Black Women Always: Conversations on life, culture & creativity in March 2024. The book, available for pre-order, is described as his "love letter to Black women and a revolt against tired thinking around creativity and advertising." It serves as a manual on using creativity for empowerment, intertwining personal identity with all aspects of life. The book shares stories and inspiration from influential women who have shaped Morosky's creative journey and explores ways to implement their wisdom for success in various aspects of life.

Kevin Morosky said: "RadicalMedia has always been family, but officially joining the fold from a position of merit has always been the ultimate goal. No words for how excited I am - I can’t wait to lean in"

Ben Schneider, SVP & MD RadicalMedia London & Berlin adds: "We have collaborated with Kevin for a while, so now the stars have aligned we are making it official. We have huge amounts of respect for Kevin, his cultural influence his creative output and attitude to life in general and couldn’t be prouder to include Kevin in the Radical Family"