Filmmaker Walid Labri has signed with Love Song for directorial representation. 

The globally celebrated production company’s roster contains cinematic innovators and creative auteurs, Labri is no exception. Bridging the gap between wit and sensitivity, his artistic tone and style are undefinable. Throughout his work, he takes the exceptional and makes it accessible to all. 

Gritty and cool, Labri’s films have a familiar tone and style that allows audiences to feel deeply. His visually hypnotic ad for Nike Cortez masterfully executes visual and scripted jokes. Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Was Here showcases Labri’s ability to evoke sentimentality while effectively representing a high fashion brand. 

Labri’s other commercial collaborators include OVO, Stüssy, Aimé Leon Dore, and the British streetwear brand Corteiz. His fashion-forward sensibilities effortlessly translate to the music industry, with Labri helming trend-forward music videos for up-and-coming artists Raye, Big Zuu, cityboymoe, and Jeshi. 

Labri’s filmmaking career began as a teenager borrowing a camera to make music videos with his friends. Labri would go on to cut school to spend his adolescence on film sets and later joined the Mark Lebons Studio before breaking out on his own to forge his path. 

“The way I like to work is to grow with people around me and create an ecosystem, and I saw an opportunity to grow with Love Song,” says Labri. “Also, I believe the relationship between a producer and director is super important, and Daniel and I see eye to eye on things outside of film, which in return will help us make better films.”

"Walid is fantastic,” says Kelly Bayett, co-founder of Love Song. “He's truly brilliant, completely hilarious, and absolutely one of a kind. Daniel and I are so excited to welcome him to the Love Song family."