Major League Baseball (MLB) and Remezcla have released El Béisbol Es Otra Cosa, a new campaign directed by commercial duo Lobos (Andrew Garcia and Carmelo Varela) and produced by Easy Mondays

The spot highlights the vibrant Latin history, culture and influence in baseball, seamlessly blending archival footage with the voices of Marcello Hernandez and Myke Towers.

El Béisbol Es Otra Cosa campaign features celebrated Latin American MLB stars like Francisco Lindor, Elly De La Cruz, Randy Arozarena, and Yordan Alvarez, alongside Cuban/Dominican stand-up comedian Marcello Hernández and Puerto Rican GRAMMY Award-nominated rapper and singer Myke Towers.

Reflecting on the campaign, Lobos remarked, “Our inspiration to incorporate elements of Latin culture stemmed from a deep respect and appreciation for the rich traditions and vibrant energy that define Latin communities. Partnering with Remezcla, an organization renowned for its authentic representation of Latin culture, was crucial in this process.” The directors, also of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, emphasized the importance of storytelling that connects both Latin American audiences and the broader baseball community.

MLB – El Beisbol Es Otra Cosa

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“The entire team was committed to ensuring every cultural element was represented authentically and meaningfully. From featuring real Latin food truck owners from Canaima Food Truck & Melma Food Truck, to incorporating symbols like the Veladora candles in a Mexican home supporting Los Dodgers, we aimed to highlight everyday moments that resonate deeply within the culture.”

Executive Producer Saskia d'Altena played a crucial role in the campaign's development, ensuring every detail was authentically executed. “The best commercials are the ones that challenge you in every way, when a great and important message is at the helm, you assemble a team who will pour even more heart into it,” shared d'Altena.

“Our first step was digging through hours of archival footage. Our choices were essential to give the audience a thorough outlook on the historical impact Latinos have had on the sport. These historical clips served as a foundation,” said Lobos. “For moments in the script that delved into Latin traditions and cultural staples, we sought to evoke a sense of nostalgia and pride. To achieve this, we used 16mm, the grainy texture and warm tones added a timeless quality, enhancing the emotional connection.”

The El Béisbol Es Otra Cosa campaign will evolve throughout the baseball season, with updated content featuring new highlights and major events such as the All-Star Game and Players’ Weekend. The campaign will be showcased across all MLB platforms, including MLB Network,, and MLB.TV, as well as MLB’s broadcast partners and various paid digital media sites.

“Baseball is a sport that transcends language, borders, and economic status. The passion for the game is a unifying element. Whether you are Latino or not, it’s all about shared experiences,” said Lobos. “We wanted to emphasize certain themes like passion, family, community, and iconic moments. By weaving together these elements, the campaign not only honored the cultural heritage of Latin American audiences but also celebrated the universal love for baseball.”