Peloton announced the start of the company’s next chapter as it repositions from the perception of an in-home bike company to reflect everything Peloton has to offer everyone, at any level, wherever they are.

Peloton’s relaunch begins with a vibrant new brand identity and campaign; new Membership tiers and offerings on the Peloton App; and a new feature, Peloton Gym. With the launch, Peloton is declaring itself open and available for everyone to experience its expert Instructors and world-class content, even for free.

The new campaign is focused on capturing Peloton’s fitness offerings for all ages, levels, and walks of life. 

Stink Studios was appointed as a global creative partner and wrote the campaign. After delivering several digital experiences, social campaigns and OOH campaigns for Peloton, this is Stink Studios' first integrated campaign for the brand. 

Peloton – Peloton. Anyone. Anywhere.

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Stink Studios originated the creative and creative-strategy of the campaign, and were able to work closely with Stink Films director ®Jones on building out the execution. This allowed Stink to work closely with Peloton's internal creative studio while seamlessly delivering a compelling, energetic campaign that is strategically right and packed with beautifully crafted moments. Peloton drove the brand strategy, partnering with Mother Design and Uncommon Creative Studio on the new brand expression upfront.

The new creative campaign launches in the US and Canada, with local market creative campaigns rolling out later this year.

Oli Snoddy, VP of Global Brand at Peloton, says, “Stink Studios was appointed for global creative, and from the get-go, developed such a collaborative process between Peloton's internal creative team, and Stink Films. We’ve partnered with Stink Studios on various projects, including The Cooldown and last year’s OOH Skeptics campaign. Their team has extensive insight into our members' motivations and really ‘gets’ the brand and what we’re trying to achieve. Stink Studios were the perfect partner to help us reintroduce Peloton to the world with this campaign.”

Jax Ostle-Evans, MD Stink Studios London says: “Over the years, we’ve worked with Peloton on a series of creative data experiences, social and OOH campaigns. Our deep knowledge of their products, members and instructors meant we were the natural partner for this brand campaign. Once we started writing, we quickly realised that Jones would be the perfect director, and having direct access to Stink Films’ roster meant this was seamless. Being able to bring Jones into the creative process early on helped us craft a beautiful and energetic campaign more efficiently than ever. This process has also worked brilliantly in the past and we are continually looking for ways to replicate it, as there's such benefit for our clients and most importantly, the work’s better for it".

®Jones, Director at Stink Films, says: “Being able to get the creative briefing and collaborate from the beginning of the process created a dynamic flow with the Peloton team, Stink Studios and Stink Films. Shooting in LA allowed us to put a high level of casting, locations and talent together, making this shoot a great experience. I want to give a big thank you to Peloton for their amazing energy and to everyone involved at Stink Studios who helped to make this happen. We've got a film that we are all proud of."