Citing 'diversity of thought', as some conferences and business seminars do when confronted with their lack of diversity, isn't enough. 

Charu Malhotra, Global Brand Manager for PA Consulting, says that events which feature manels (all-male panels) and wanels (all white, male panels) are "ridiculous and annoying", and that listening to a group of similar-looking men with equally similar backgrounds and opinions should no longer be acceptable. 

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We should all be angry, argues DICE Charter champion Malhotra, because time is precious and we should be rewarded with new, interesting and diverse opinions when we give that time to an event. 

But, asks devil's advocate Kean, do men just have more interesting things to say? And are women less inclined to agree to appear on panels, and more likely to cancel at the last minute? 

Will Malhotra's anger be deemed justified? Watch to find out.

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