SixTwentySix, the LA creative studio helmed by co-founders Austin Barbera and Jake Krask, announces the appointment of Paul Muhlbach as Executive Producer and Senior Brand Partner. With over four years of experience at Stept Studios and a rich career history including roles at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Stink Studios, and B-Reel, Muhlbach brings a depth of expertise to his new role.

Throughout his career, Muhlbach has been instrumental in driving global campaigns for high-profile brands and entertainment partners, consistently delivering groundbreaking stories and fostering innovative collaborations. His strategic insights and creative prowess have earned him accolades including Shorty, Clio, and Webby Awards for brands such as Jose Cuervo, PayPal, and WeTransfer.

Commenting on Muhlbach's appointment, SixTwentySix's Austin Barbera, Partner and Executive Producer and Jake Krask, Partner and Managing Director shares, "Paul's extensive expertise and nuanced understanding of brand dynamics position him as a pivotal asset to SixTwentySix’s growth. His proven track record of driving groundbreaking stories and fostering innovative collaborations aligns perfectly with our vision to create content that doesn't just capture attention, but profoundly impacts culture."

Reflecting on his decision to join SixTwentySix, Paul Muhlbach remarks, "Watching SixTwentySix grow into the powerhouse creative studio they've become has been an incredible ride. After meeting with Austin and Jake, I had zero doubts about the company's vision and passion for creating culturally relevant work that makes waves."

Muhlbach's appointment comes at an exciting time for SixTwentySix, as the studio continues to build upon its impressive portfolio of work. With a consistent track record of excellence and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, SixTwentySix remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering innovative solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights. 

Recently, SixTwentySix has collaborated on projects with industry giants such as Edmunds, Pathwater, Angel's Envy, and eBay to name only a few as well as top artists including Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion. The studio has also garnered acclaim and nominations this year for prestigious awards including becoming an Honoree at the Webby's, receiving multiple Telly Award People's Telly noms, and nods at the Berlin VMAs, including Best Production Company.