For its 10th anniversary, Welcome to the Jungle teamed up with the agency Marcel and animation studio Troublemakers for its first national brand campaign.

For this occasion, Troublemakers produced two films Pizza/Pineapple and Rearview Mirror/Air-freshener, alongside four DOOH's and prints campaigns.

As soon as Troublemakers started planning for this campaign, it seemed immediately obvious to work with
Alexandre Scalvino, who directed the episodes and whom has worked with Troublemakers for eight years as a post-production supervisor. 

In these bright spots, the illustrations by Valestrator and Wild So Serious bring to life the two emblematic duos: Pizza/Pineapple, and Rearview Mirror/Air-freshener, to illustrate the alchemy between a candidate and a company who are made for each other.

Troublemakers are delighted to present these colourful films, which can be seen on billboards across France.