There are some things that should just remain private. At least, that's the male character's view in this short film from director Erin Murray.

The four-minute film is a funny snapshot of a couple's life as the female character - played by Murray herself - asks her boyfriend what type of porn he watches. Cue awkward, evasive replies and an eventual confrontation which elicits a confession which throws up more questions than answers. 

Here, Murray, who recently signed to Bullion for commercial representation, talks about her reasons for making the film, and is faced with the question we probably all want answered. 

Erin Murray – I Don't Need To Know

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Above: Erin Murray's four minute short, I Don't Need to Know.

Where did the idea for I Don't Need to Know come from?

I’ve always liked stories about messy, imperfect people, and I was also interested in the idea of ‘the truth’ being used as a weapon in the context of a romantic relationship. People have a tendency to unconsciously avoid the truth when it could threaten their self-image. 

I’ve always liked stories about messy, imperfect people.

I wanted to show a dysfunctional negotiation between two flawed people. One person wants change, and the other wants things to stay the same. And I wanted to make people laugh too.  

Above: Director of and actor in I Don't Need to Know, Erin Murray.

You wrote and directed the film, and also starred in it; was that always the plan and had you acted before (and do you plan to act more)?

I didn’t write the script with any particular people in mind, but after I wrote it I thought, 'I could do this'. I’ve been a dancer my entire life, so physical expression has always been an outlet for me. 

We had one rehearsal together, where we spent a couple hours pretending to throw up like cats coughing up hairballs.

It was fun to explore a more grounded performance style, and I’m sure I’ll act again when it feels right. 

How did you find your co-star?

I met Al Warren doing movement direction for another narrative project. We had one rehearsal together, where we spent a couple hours pretending to throw up like cats coughing up hairballs. I knew I wanted to work with Al after that experience. 

Above: Murray's co-star in the two-hander film, I Don't Need to Know, Al Warren.

What is it you enjoy about short films and what you can do with them? 

There’s a lot of freedom in making a short film. It’s a chance to experiment, play, and say something personal. Since I was a child, I had a desire to be heard. I don’t know if that desire is a blessing or a disease, but I’ve had a lot of fun making things so far. Right now, I’m really interested in making people laugh. 

What was the biggest challenge in making I Don't Need to Know

Directing and acting at the same time was intimidating. I won’t lie… I woke up the morning of the shoot and thought to myself, 'why am I putting myself in this?', but I felt supported by my crew and co-star. The cinematographer, Sean Conaty, and I had done all the planning we needed ahead of the shoot. 

Thank you for asking, but I’ll never tell.

We had barely a half-day to shoot the whole film, so I didn’t have time to watch myself back on the monitor or second guess myself.  

What is plant porn? 

Thank you for asking, but I’ll never tell. It’s much more fun to leave that a mystery! I made plant porn the woman’s kink, because it needs an explanation. The audience wants to know what it is, but the boyfriend definitely doesn’t.